Kazakhstan may halt gas supplies to Kyrgyzstan

07 марта 2012, 12:29
Kazakhstan may halt gas supplies to Kyrgyzstan if the latter doesn’t pay off its debts for the previous supplies, Kaztag Agency reports, citing KyrTag.

“The Kazakh side has warned that if Kyrgyzstan doesn’t come up with a repayment schedule, there will be no gas supplies”, the Kyrgyz Energy Minister Askar Shadiyev said March 6, reminding that the Kyrgyz debt to Kazakhstan for gas supplies stands at $7 million.

Mr. Shadiyev elaborated that for this reason Kazakhstan sometimes cuts down the volume of gas supplies. Kyrgyzgas paid off its debt to Kazakhstan last year thanks to a loan of the Finance Ministry worth 200 million soms (local currency). The Finance Ministry is ready to provide a loan of 150 million soms this year.

The Kyrgyz Energy Minister asked the Kyrgyz Vice PM Aly Karashev to facilitate postponement of the repayment of the loan by Kyrgyzgas to the Finance Ministry.

“Within shortest possible time we must pay off our debt to neighboring Kazakhstan”, the Minister stressed.

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