Kazakhstan has cheapest petrol among CIS and European countries

18 октября 2011, 13:36
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan has the lowerst fuel prices among CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and European countries, RIA Novosti writes.

Analysts studied statistics of 32 countries for prices of fuel AI-95 fuel (with 95 octane number) at the end of September 2011. According to the research, Kazakhstan is the last in the fuel cost rating. 1 liter of AI-95 petrol cost $0.89 in Kazakhstan in September. However, analysts say that the Customs Union is pressuring the prices to raise, because 3 months earlier the cost was $0.7.

Russia is one line above Kazakhstan in the rating. One liter of AI-95 petrol cost around $0.90 in September. Prices in Belarus were higher: $0.94 per liter. Ukraine with $1.31 per liter and Poland with $1.64 were also among the five cheapest petrol sellers.

The most expensive petrol was sold in Norway, where the price made $2.43 per liter in September. The second place was given to Greece with $2.35 per liter. It was followed by Netherlands ($2.31 per liter), Denmark ($2.24 per liter) and Italy ($2.23 per liter).

As for the prices of diesel fuel, Norway, Great Britain and Sweden were the top expensive countries in September. The cheapest diesel was sold in Belarus, Russian and Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Ministry of Oil and Gas has fixed the following ceilings for fuel prices in August 2011: AI-92/93 – 106 tenge ($0.73), AI-80 – 86 tenge ($0.59), diesel fuel – 90 tenge ($0.62). Later the Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev said that Kazakhstan's fuel prices will not change in November.

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