Kazakhs trust TV more than other media

30 ноября 2011, 10:44
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Kazakhstan residents put a lot of trust into TV, Express-K writes.

According to the research made by the Institute of Political Solutions, 89 percent of the respondents prefer to receive information via TV. 45 percent of residents get information from the Internet, 43 percent read printed media (respondents were able to choose more than 1 option). Two thirds of Kazakhstan residents read the news several times a day. News and political information turned out to be most very popular, whereas entertainment and educational programs are less popular among Kazakhstan residents.

In the last 5 years Internet-audience have increased 4.5-fold. TV has also seen some increase in its audience. But printed media and radio have been loosing thier audience. The number of radio listeners has decreased 1.5 times.

The poll covered 2,294 respondents from 16 major cities of Kazakhstan.

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