Kazakh uranium to be supplied to Japan via Russian sea ports

05 марта 2011, 14:49
Photo courtesy of Wordpress.com
Photo courtesy of Wordpress.com
Kazakh uranium may be transported to Japan via sea ports in the Far East of Russia, Kursiv.kz reports.

Traditionally, Kazakh uranium is processed in France and Great Britain to be further transported to Japan through the Suez Canal.

Due to the recent social unrest in the Middle East and intensified activeness of sea pirates this route is growing dangerous. Consequently, Kazakh uranium can change its route: after being process in Russia, it will be supplied to Japan via the Trans-Siberian railway and Russia sea ports in the Far East.

The first trial supply of 15 tons is scheduled for the autumn 2011. This new route is expected to cut down the shipping time by a month, ensuring greater safety.

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