Karagandinskoe beer and Rakhat candies are top 50 brand leaders in Kazakhstan

08 мая 2011, 12:20
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org
MPP Consulting Agency has been running a long-term project of domestic brands assessment since the beginning of 2010. A rating of the most expensive national brands was set up in the framework of the project.

The goal of Kazbrand-2011 ranking is to identify 50 most expensive Kazakhstan brands and their current market value. Only the brands initially created in Kazakhstan or specifically for Kazakh goods (services) can be part of the rating.

Karagandinskoe beer (the brand costs $95 million) is on the first place. BTA Bank ($90 million) is second. Rakhat sweets ($83 million) is third.

Some of the well-known brands such as Calipso water ($7.3 million), Ainalain milk ($7.1 million) and Dalacom telecommunication ($7.0 million) failed to get into top-50.

Mobile operators are ranked as following: Kcell is at the 6th place ($75 million), Activ is 9th ($57 million) and Neo is 10th ($46 million).

Ramstore network of malls is in the 21st place ($24 million).
Kazakhtelecom is in the 28th ($18.2 million).

Kazbrand-2011 is the first Kazakhstan brand ranking. It is also the first among domestic brands to be published by MPP Consulting agency in 2011.

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