Deputy Madinov disapproves selling Kazakh grain to southern neighbors cheap

10 октября 2011, 18:22
Deputy Romin Madinov called to obtain from selling grain to neighboring countries at low prices, reports.

According to him, around 5 million tons of Kazakhstan's grain are exported to southern neighbors and Afghanistan. “Currently somebody is selling them grain at $90. Actually we are delivering grain to our neighbors at the state budget's expenses. I am not saying that we cannot feed our neighbors with bread, we have to do so. But we should set some kind of a price limit, so that our grain is not exported at dumping prices,” the deputy said.

According to Madinov, there were years, when neighboring southern countries were buying Kazakhstan grain at $300 and this “it did not effect anything.”

The deputy thinks that Kazakhstan needs to establish one and only grain exporter. “Then the grain will not be sold at dumping prices,” Romin Madinov said. He noted that “currently our partners are in a real fight for wagons with each other, as there is not enough of them.” This will not happen if there is only one exporter.

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