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Accident at Atyrau refinery will not cause oil products shortages

17 октября 2012, 16:31
Oil refinery. ©RIA Novosti
Oil refinery. ©RIA Novosti
No deficiency of oil products is expected in Kazakhstan, in spite of the accident at Atyrau oil refinery, KazTAG reports citing Kazakhstan Ministry of Oil and Gas.

“There will be no deficiency of oil products at the local market, because KazMunaiGas-Onymdery stock at Pavlodar Oil Chemicals Plant is redirected to Atyrau oblast,” the Ministry writes.

Besides, AI-92 petrol was delivered by trucks from Uralsk the first day after the accident.

“As of October 15, 160 cubic meters of AI-92 petrol from the available stocks of KazMunaiGas-Onymdery were dispatched from Uralsk. Another 547 tons of AI-92 petrol were dispatched from Pavlodar refinery to Atyrau,” the authority states.

Oil and Gas Ministry also informed on the measures taken to compensate for the missing amounts of oil products at Kazakhstan market.

“The remaining 386 tons (of the required petrol) are on the way. Orders for AI-92 petrol for Western region at Pavlodar refinery total at 660 tons,” the authority writes.

As for fuel prices, the retail price will not change, because ceiling retail prices are set by the Government in Kazakhstan.

The Ministry says that the refinery is going to resume operations by October 19.

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