Kazakhstan will ban checks of small business by end of 2012

02 июля 2012, 17:07
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Kazakhstan will adopt a law forbidding audits and inspections of small business by the end of 2012, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan President.

"The number of required permits was decreased by 34 percent last year. By the end of this year the parliament will adopt the draft law decreasing licenses and permits by one third. The draft law also provides a ban on planned checks of small businesses during three years after registration. Based on the instructions in my (State-of-the-Union) Address to the people, the government has approved the concept of further reforming of the system of permits based on the new principles. The main idea is to implement an integrated system of permits with classification of permits into categories by hazard level. A uniform law on permits and notifications will be adopted in 2013. It will have the full list of all the permits in one place, so that people won't have to look up different laws," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

By Renat Tashkinbayev

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