Kazakhstan residents to get Egyptian visas in 3 days

09 сентября 2011, 18:29
Egypt shortened the visa issue period for Kazakhstan tourists down to three days and made it possible to receive the visas in the airport, KazTAG reports.

"The inter-government agreement came into effect on September 1. This is an agreement of two Foreign Ministries on a three-day visa issue period for Kazakhstan citizens,” an officer of the Embassy of Egypt in Astana said. According to him, “visa issue in Egyptian airports is allowed for Kazakhstan residents. But only for tourists travelling in groups.” “The can receive entry visa in Egyptian airport upon arrival. But if it is one or two tourists traveling without a group, they have to receive visas in the embassy,” he said.

The Embassy of Egypt is recommending to receive the visa prior to the trip to save time standing in lines in the airports.

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