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Two kids at the cost of one available for potential parents in Kazakhstan

13 июня 2011, 17:51
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
350 quotas issued by Kazakhstan government for in vitro fertilization this year will start to be distributed in July, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine Tamara Dzhussubaliyeva.

“350 quotas were issued for different medical institutes of Kazakhstan; 45 women will get free IVF in our center,” she said.

According to the Director of the institute, only women who are physically cannot become mothers are eligible to file for the quotas. “Those who have problems or whose their husbands have problems can come to our center to get medical treatment, but they won't be able to just simply get the quota for IVF,” she explained.

Over three thousand women apply to the Institute every year and only five get IVF every month. The procedure costs over 700 thousand tenge ($5,000).

Twins are becoming more popular with potential parents lately. The procedure cost does not depend on the number of embryos. “In general, we don’t recommend twins, as they are tough to carry and immature deliveries are quite frequent, but some couples still insist on having twins,” Dzhussubaliyeva said. According to statistics, the number of IVF born boys and girls is equal.

However, IVF effect is not always guaranteed. “100 women get IVF and only 40 manage to give birth. There are some persistent couple who do not stop and keep trying,” the Director noted. Some patients manage to become pregnant only after several IVF procedures, she said.

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