Taliban is no threat to Kazakhstan: experts

27 мая 2011, 18:59
Photo by Andrey Yakunin©
Photo by Andrey Yakunin©
Photo by Andrey Yakunin©
Photo by Andrey Yakunin©
Photo by Andrey Yakunin©
Photo by Andrey Yakunin©
Taliban is not a threat to Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing political analysts as saying at the Almaty international conference called Afghanistan: present and future effect on stability and security in Central Asia.

“I don't see the link between the blasts in Astana and Aktobe and the threatening statements made by Talibs promissing grave consequences to Kazakhstan if it sends its militarymen to Afghanistan,” the political analyst and consultant of the Institute of Political Solutions Aleksandr Knyazev said.

“Islamic movements existing in Kazakhstan are more under the influence of Russia and Northern Caucasus.” He thinks that the threat from Taliban is contrived.

The expert talked about his vision of the scenario of Afghanistan's political life in 2013-2014. The issue of inter-ethnic conflicts is especially acute for Afghanistan. “If the Beluchi create parties and come to power, Afghanistan will become a country of chaos. Now it is important to save the integrity of the country,” he said.

According to Director of Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Research Bulat Sultanov, penetration of external forces willing to destabilize the situation in Central Asia is increasing. «We are concerned that Kazakhstan's borders with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are not stopping drug traffic and inflow of labor migrants effeciently enough. For Afghans growing drugs is more profitable than marrying. This is a catastrophe.” Sultanov called for a complex approach to these issues and involvement of representatives of Central Asian countries.

On May 18 Kazakhstan Majilis (Lower Chamber of the Parliament) approved a law draft enabling Kazakhstan to send its peacekeeping forces to Afghanistan as part of its cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In return Afghan talibs warned Kazakhstan that its decision to deploy troops to support NATO in Afghanistan will have grave consequences.

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