Share of tourism in Kazakhstan’s GDP equal to that in Germany

02 августа 2011, 00:40
The share of tourism in the national GDP in Kazakhstan is tantamount to that in Germany, reports, citing a study prepared by ATF Bank Research.

In 2000 the share of tourism stood at 0.02% of the country’s GDP. In 2010 the figure grew to 1.8%. According to the study, the share of tourism made up 1.4% in Russia and 1.6% in Germany.

Meanwhile, the share of the sector in the national GDPs of Turkey, Austria and China stood at 4%, 4.2% and 2.4% respectively.

Earlier reported that in 2010 the number of hotels in Kazakhstan grew by 8.8%, reaching 1460 (with a total of 34 400 rooms and suites). KZT 107.5 billion ($736 million) was invested in the domestic tourism sector.

In 2010, inbound tourism grew by 15.7%, making up 3.4 million people; outbound tourism increased by 9.1%, reaching 4.8 million people; inflow of international tourists totaled 3.4 million

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