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Share of franchisees in small and middle-sized businesses standing at 3.5%

17 may 2011, 00:33
The share of franchisees in Kazakhstan’s small and middle-sized businesses is still insignificant, quoted Askar Assimov, Vice Chairman of Damu Small Entrepreneurship Development Fund, as saying.

“Currently, the share of franchises in small and middle-sized businesses only stands at 3.5%. Kazakhstan’s Union of Franchises seeks to bring the figure up to 6% by 2014”, he said when speaking at a press-conference in Almaty May 16.

The share of franchisees in developed countries stands at about 50% in the small and middle-sized business sector.

Mr. Vyacheslav Sidelnikov, Chairman of the Kazakhstan’s Union of Franchises, points to growth of franchises for the last 5 years. “If back 5 years ago there were about 30 brands working as franchisees, their number has reached 500 by now. 5 years ago there were no Kazakhstan’s franchisors, now there are 30 of them, with some of them being developed in other countries”, he said.

June 7 Kazakhstan will be hosting the 7th Franchising international exhibition. Over 50 franchisors will be presenting their brands at the event.

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