SCO and UN agreed on cooperation in countering terrorism

14 июня 2011, 16:04
Vehicle check for drugs by a dog. ©
Vehicle check for drugs by a dog. ©
Secretariat of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in countering terrorism, illegal drug trafficking and organized crime, KazTAG reports.

The memorandum was signed by SCO Secretary General Muratbek Imanaliyev and Executive director of the UN Drugs and Crime Office Yuriy Fedotov. «The SCO is given an important role in the memorandum as a partner in implementation of specific projects aimed at countering the drugs threat coming from Afghanistan. The same is true for the new anti-drug strategy of the SCO which is expected to be adopted on the summit tomorrow,” Fedotov said after signing the document.

«We are also preparing to sign a protocol on cooperation with the SCO regional anti-terrorist center, as both the SCO and the UNODC have prevention of terrorism as a major part of their mandates,” he added.

Another document that was signed today is a protocol of understanding between RCTC and CSTO Secretariat. Director of the SCO Executive Committee of the Regional Counter-Terrorism Structure (RCTS) Dzhenisbek Dzhumanbekov and Secretary General of the Collectivey Treaty Organization (CSTO) Nikolai Bordyuzha signed the protocol.

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