Rambler banner ads available to Kazakhstan-based businesses

26 сентября 2011, 09:48
Interactive Media Group promoting Internet advertisement opportunities in Kazakhstan now offers an opportunity to advertise locally to people searching on Rambler, a Russian search engine and one of the biggest Russian web portals.

“Now Kazakhstan-based advertisers can reach out to a greater audience of Russian speakers through banner ads. Rambler capabilities enable Kazakhstan-based businesses to expand their operations, contributing to growth of the Internet ads market in Kazakhstan”, according to Interactive Media Group.

As of today, annual e-commerce turnover makes up $300 million, with Internet advertising turnover standing at $6 million”, Minister Zhumagaliyev had told at the Digital Communications Kazakhstan 2011 mid-September.

Late July Tengrinews.kz reported that the number of Internet users in Kazakhstan had exceeded 5 million people (34% of the country’s population), citing the Ministry of Communications.

Over 58 000 domain names had been registered in the Kazakhstan’s segment of the worldwide web by that time. The annual growth of the figure stands at 20-25%.

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