Portsmouth police unveiled the name of policeman who shot Kirill Denyakin

23 мая 2011, 14:13
 ©REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach
©REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach
Name of the US policeman who shot Kirill Denyakin from Karaganda was unveiled, PilotOnline.com reported. The police officer’s name is Steven Rankin.

As per Denyakin’s friend Morris Wilson, that night (April 23, when Denyakin was shot) Kirill was so drunk that he could barely stand. Wilson left him alone outside of his house. Denyakin started knocking on the window and the neighbors called the police and reported a man trying to break the window.

Steven Rankin has been working in Portsmouth police office for 3.5 years. He has also been violating local police rules by posting information discrediting law-enforcing authorities in social networks. In particular, he cited a punk band’s song called Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? on Facebook. And the profile image he used depicted a hunged man. His page is currently unavailable.

26-year-old Karaganda citizen Kirill Denyakin was shot by the policeman in Portsmouth on April 23. Denyakin was unarmed, but the police officer made 11 shots killing him on the spot. Before the tragedy Denyakin had been working as a hotel cook for 2 year.

Kazakhstan Foreign Affairs Ministry sent a protest note to the US in relation to this incident. Members of Bolashak movement passed a letter to the US President Barack Obama calling for a fair investigation into the death of Kirill Denyakin.

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