PM Azarov of Ukraine to come to Kazakhstan on an official visit

31 августа 2011, 14:16
Nikolai Azarov. stock photo
Nikolai Azarov. stock photo
This coming fall Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov of Ukraine is to come to Kazakhstan on an official visit, "Podrobnosti" cited Vice Foreign Minister Amangeldy Zhumabayev of Kazakhstan as saying.

“We are waiting for PM Azarov to come this fall. The visit is expected to boost the bilateral relations between the two nations”, Zhumabayev said. According to him, Kazakhstan is interested in transporting its oil across Ukraine to third countries as well as in using Ukrainian sea ports. Besides, the two states are considering joint projects to produce O&G equipment in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Initially the PM was supposed to come to Astana June 23-24. The reasons behind the put-off were not immediately explained.

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