National network of handicap organizations to be created in Kazkahstan

25 марта 2011, 13:22
RIA Novosti©
RIA Novosti©
National network of organizations for people with disabilities will be founded in Kazakhstan, a journalist reports.

A public association of disabled people how have higher education intends to create a national network to protect rights of disabled people in the country.

“The main problems we are facing are living conditions and everything related to employment of handicapped people; another problem is education, especially inclusive education that would enable disabled people to study in a normal school. We will be monitoring the areas related to rights of people with disabilities. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that all rights have to be observed, both political and social. For example, a right to work, right to leisure and even a right to family,” said the chairman of association Kairat Imanaliyev.

The idea of such national network was supported by the European Union. The network is expected to unite organizations of people with disabilities in large and small cities and rural areas.

Disabled people from 16 oblasts of Kazakhstan came to Astana for the presentation of the national network.

According to official data, there are more than 480 thousand disabled people living in Kazakhstan with more than 11 thousand in Astana.

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