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Ministry of Industry and Trade refutes that negotiations are under way with South Korea on constructing a nuclear power station

23 august 2011, 13:06
Asset Issekeshev. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky
Asset Issekeshev. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky
Astana is NOT negotiating with companies of South Korea on construction of a nuclear power station, Minister of Industry and Trade Asset Issekeshev told Novosti Kazakhstan in an interview.

August 22 a number of Kazakhstan’s media quoted KazTag Agency’s report that allegedly Kazakhstan is negotiating with KEPCO on uranium production and construction of a nuclear power plant.

“I refute this announcement. There has been no decision on attraction of South Korea’s companies to constructing a nuclear power station”, the Minister said on the sidelines of a government sitting in Astana.

According to Novosti Kazakhstan , Kazakhstan has been negotiating on constructing a nuclear power station in the West of its territory with Russia’s RosAtom.

In March 2011 RosAtom Head Sergei Kirienko discussed in Astana the draft intergovernmental agreement on constructing a nuclear power station. However, the issue remains open.

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