Medal for Bravery awarded to Taraz citizen for saving a child

18 марта 2011, 16:00
By Denis Khramov@
By Denis Khramov@
By Denis Khramov@
By Denis Khramov@
Sanzhar Bozdykbayev, 24, has been awarded the Medal for Bravery in Emergency Situations.

Emergency Situations Vice-Minister Valeriy Petrov personally presented the award to the courageous Taraz citizen, a journalist reports.

The young man rescued a child from a burning apartment in the 5-th floor on March 1. Risking his life he climbed on the balcony of the fifth floor where a girl was screaming for help.

He slid down the 4th floor window and managed to sucessfully land on the ground with little girl. The child was almost unscratched.

“I am proud that such heroes live in Taraz,” Petrov said.

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