Massimov to meet with Russian physicist Sergei Kapitsa in Moscow

11 июля 2011, 16:59
Professor Sergei Kapitsa. ©RIA Novosti
Professor Sergei Kapitsa. ©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov will hold a meeting with Russian physicist and TV-host Sergei Kapitsa in Moscow, Karim Massimov wrote in his Twitter.

“Will meet with S.Kapitsa in Moscow tomorrow. We will discuss the subject of acceleration of historical time,” Massimov tweeted.

Sergei Kapitsa is Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Senior Research Fellow of Pyotr Kapitsa Institute of Physical Problems (called in honor of his father, Nobel Prize winner). He developed a number of mathematical models of the world population hyperbolic growth and the global demographic transition. He is one of the founders of Cliodynamics. He wrote four books and is an author of 14 inventions and 1 discovery. Sergei Kapitsa is currently an Editor-in-Chief of the Russian edition of Scientific American.

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