Kyrgyzstan to boost electric power supplies to Kazakhstan

10 сентября 2011, 08:39
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Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have agreed to boost electric power supplies to Kazakhstan. The agreement was reached during the recent working visit of Kyrgyzstan First Vice Prime Minister Omurbek Babnov to Astana, reports, citing the Kyrgyz Government Press Service.

On his visit to Kazakhstan Mr. Babnov met Timur Kulibayev, Smaruk Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund Head, and his Vice Aidan Karibzhanov. The sides have agreed to speed up launching the Kazakh-Kyrgyz joint venture fund worth $100 million to invest to Kyrgyzstan.

Besides, the Kyrgyz Vice PM met Kazakhstan’s Minister of Industry and New Technology Asset Issekeshev to discuss power imports to Kazakhstan.

Following the latter talks, the sides agreed to secure an additional 1 billion kilowatt-hours. Since the start of the year Kyrgyzstan has already imported a total of 2 billion kilowatt-hours to Kazakhstan. The sides are currently coordinating the schedule of power supplies.

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