Kazakhstan’s public notaries to work at rates set by the Government

24 июня 2011, 17:23
Photo courtesy of bashvest.ru
Photo courtesy of bashvest.ru
Kazakhstan’s public notaries will be working at rates set by the Government, Marat Seksembayev of the Kazakhstan’s Justice Ministry said in an on-line conference arranged by Bnews.kz.

“The draft legislation will set tariffs for all possible operations. We have relied on average actual tariffs when drafting the law (…) Public notaries will be competing not in terms of price, but rather in terms of quality of their services”, he said.

The state also plans to abolish the limits on the number of public notaries. “As of now, the Justice Ministry defines the number of public notaries (…) there are 1900 public notaries across Kazakhstan”, according to Mr. Seksembayev.

The draft law has been sent to the Senate for consideration.

The limits on the number of public notaries were introduced in 2003.

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