Kazakhstan’s banks see growing demand for consumer loans

02 августа 2011, 13:18
National Bank. ©Vladimir Dmitryev
National Bank. ©Vladimir Dmitryev
Kazakhstan’s banks have seen growing demand for consumer loans in the Q2 2011, the Press Service of the National Bank reports.

According to the National Bank’s July survey of the credit market, 47% of the country’s banks saw intensified demand for mortgages, with 46% banks saying the demand stays the same. 90% of banks registered growing demand for consumer loans.

Given the low consumer activeness as compared to the pre-crisis level, banks have been trying to attract and retain clients through milder loan interest rates, extended payback periods, the National Bank reports. 37% of banks admitted pursuing a milder policy with regards to consumer loans. Most commonly, consumer loans go to finance home repairs, holidays, purchase of home appliances, and celebrating family events.

About 20% of banks told of relaxing their policies with regards to mortgages. However, in general banks stick to the earlier adopted cautious approach when assessing solvency. At the same time banks point to raising financial awareness of the common people.

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