Kazakhstan’s Transport Ministry bans importing previously owned vehicles

16 марта 2011, 21:41
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Transport and Communications elaborated on the recently introduced ban on importing previously owned cars with regards to Euro-3 emission standards, Tengrinews.kz journalist reports, citing the Ministry’s press service.

Starting from July 1, 2011 Kazakhstan introduces Euro-3 requirements for imported vehicles, which actually implies that importing and production of vehicles missing the standards are to be prohibited.

“Cars already imported to Kazakhstan are exempted and will be used to their full wear-out”, the Ministry’s press service said.

Presenting the below given table, the Ministry explained how a vehicle can prove meeting the Euro-3 standards: “Compliance of a vehicle with the standards can be checked against the table, where country of origin and age are used as the main criteria; whenever the country of origin is not known, compliance shall be defined on the basis of lab trials”.

The following vehicles will be deemed as complaint with the Euro-3 standards:

- EU-produced vehicles and/or its gasoline engines starting from 2001 and later;

- EU-produced vehicles and/or its diesel engines starting from 2002 and later;

- US- produced vehicles starting from 2001 and later;

- Japanese vehicles starting from 2005 and later;

- Canada-made vehicles starting from 2004 and later;

- India-made cars starting from 2010 and later;

- China-made vehicles staring from 2008 and later;

- South Korea-made vehicles starting from 2003 and later;

- Russian-made vehicles starting from 2008 and later;

- Ukrainian-made vehicles starting from July 1, 2010 and later;

- Belarus-made cars from 2008 and later;

- Uzbekistan-made cars starting from 2010 and later.

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