Kazakhstan’s Space Agency demands greater clarity with regards to Baiterek launch complex for Russia’s Angara booster rocket

12 сентября 2011, 00:29
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan’s National Space Agency KazKosmos demands an additional agreement with Russia on constructing the Baiterek (“poplar tree”) space launch complex for the Russia's new booster rocket, the Angara. According to Talgat Mussabayev, the Agency’s Head, the new agreement should specify exact timeframe and obligations of the parties.

“From 2004 the cost of the project has increased from $223 million to $1.36 billion. It’s time to sit down and think if we really need the project that is likely not to pay back. The risks are huge”, Mr. Mussabayev said, calling to specify Russia’s liability in case of failed supplies. “Who would need the $1.36 billion launch complex should there be no booster rockets supplied”.

According to him, experts of KazKosmos and RosKosmos are to come up with a number of solutions. “In the current agreement there is no wording specifying the timeframe. (…) I am still surprised”, Mr. Mussabayev said.

Initially the Baiterek (“poplar tree”) space launch complex was supposed to be constructed at Baikonur in 2013, following the testings of Angara booster rocket. In January 2011 construction of the launch complex was delayed to 2013. In July 2011 Vladimir Popovkin, Head of RosKosmos, announced that construction has been postponed to 2017.

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