Kazakhstani children will travel by train for free

01 апреля 2011, 19:39
REUTERS/ Mario Anzuoni©
REUTERS/ Mario Anzuoni©
Outbound train passengers traveling to the CIS or Baltic states who are brining children at the age of 5 or younger with them should apply for special free train tickets for their children. The tickets will be issued upon presentation of the children’s birth certificates, KazTAG informs.

This requirement has been introduced to rule out violations of passport and visa regime and avoid conflicts at border-crossing points. Besides, this makes it easier to keep track of the overall number of children crossing the border.

Children at the age of 7 or younger traveling by train inside Kazakhstan can travel free of charge and need no additional tickets, unless they want to occupy a separate seat or sleeping berth. If a separate seat or berth is required for a child, a ticket can be bought 50% off.

Children between 7 and 15 need a ticket, but it is also half-free. After the age of 15 a full ticket is required.

If a child is traveling without his parents, the adult accompanying the child is supposed to carry a document issued by the child’s parents confirming his/her right to take the child traveling.

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