Kazakhstan welcoming participation of foreign companies in its economy modernization efforts

18 мая 2011, 15:49
Asset Issekeshev. By Serik Turlubekov ©
Asset Issekeshev. By Serik Turlubekov ©
“Kazakhstan would like to see foreign majors to participate in the state efforts to modernize the economy”, Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and New Technology Asset Issekeshev said when speaking at the 24th plenary session of the Foreign Investors’ Council (FIC) opened today at Nazarbayev University in Astana.

He outlines two mechanisms of cooperation. “When it comes to support to small and middle-sized businesses, foreign majors operating in Kazakhstan could support domestic enterprises through placing orders locally, through outsourcing processing operations to local players (…)”, he said.

“The second direction (…) we would want to see every company within the Foreign Investors’ Council (FIC) to send key specialists in planning, quality control, lean production to be employed with ad-hoc centers [created in Kazakhstan upon respective initiative of the President with a view of raising overall efficiency of the national economy] . And it would be also great if foreign majors could arrange a system of internships in leading industrial companies in developed countries for Kazakhstan’s specialists”, he said.

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