Kazakhstan suggested to make Almaty a regional UN center

15 июня 2011, 18:36
Kazakhstan is suggesting to give Almaty a status of the regional UN center, KazTAG writes citing Kazakhstan Foreign Affairs Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov as saying at the meeting with leaders of UN agencies operating in Kazakhstan.

“Implementation of Kazakhstan's plans to make Almaty a subregional hub of multilateral diplomacy is a good bases for further interaction. We think that giving Almaty a status of UN's regional center will help ensure a larger-scale implementation of regional projects aimed at strengthening cooperation in Central Asia and could also give an impulse to its involvement in aiding development of neighboring countries and regions,” Kazykhanov said.

Kazakhstan, in return, is ready to provide active support to enhancing regional role of UN representative offices in Almaty and facilitate expansion of their project activities. “We are creating conditions for regional representative offices of international organizations to be located and successfully operate in Almaty. A bright example of our efforts is the fact that this year Kazakhstan enabled a visa-free regime for holders of UN passports. We have also considered your requests and implemented diplomatic accreditations for UN employees and increased the age of children of UN employees with diplomatic accreditation up to 21 years,” the Minister added.

Kazykhanov also noted that Kazakhstan Government and the UN have large-scale and important tasks that may be performed only in close interaction. “In this context I am confirming my readiness to personally render all possible support to your activities, help solve arising issues and give close consideration of your recommendations,” Kazykhanov promised.

As per the Foreign Ministry, 19 special organizations, funds and programs of the UN system have been opened and operating in Kazakhstan since February 1992.

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