Kazakhstan raises grain harvest estimates once again

17 августа 2011, 16:33
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
2011 grain harvest in Kazakhstan will make up 18.9 million tons, Agriculture Minister Assylzhan Mamytbekov told a briefing August 17, Bnews.kz reports.

“According to regional governors, gross grain harvest is expected at 18.9 million tons. We are expecting above-average harvest”, the Minister said.

Anna Buts, Head of the Crop Farming Development Department of the country’s Agriculture Ministry, had told journalists July 25 that grain harvest in Kazakhstan was expected to reach 16-17 million tons. The figure was raised to 17-17.5 million early August.

She also told journalists July 14 that Kazakhstan had exported 5.9 million tons of grain in the 2010-2011 marketing year.

According to her, this figure included grain equivalent of exported flour (2.5 million tons).

Ms. Buts elaborated that grain was traditionally exported to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

According to the Government’s web-site, grain harvest in 2010 totaled 12.2 million tons (net weight). Grain harvest of 2009 made up 22.7 million tons (bunker weight).

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