Kazakhstan considers a 3rd gold refinery

04 июля 2011, 17:17
REUTERS/Petr Josek Snr©
REUTERS/Petr Josek Snr©
Kazakhstan plans construction of a 3rd gold refinery, Novosti Kazakhstan quoted Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and New Technology Asset Issekeshev as saying.

He elaborated that “the project could be implemented either solely by the state or in partnership with private investors”.

“Feasibility study is under way (…) As of now there are two gold reineris owned by Kazakhmys and Kazzinc”.

Issekeshev does not rule out that construction may start this or next year, “if it proves economically viable”.

In 2010 gold production in Kazkahstan made up 29.9 tons, including 13.3 tons of refined gold. By 2014 the Ministry of Industry and New Technology plans to produce 70 tons a year.

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