Kazakhstan concerned about imported AI-92 and AI-93 gasoline deficit

18 мая 2011, 13:24
RIA Novosti©
RIA Novosti©
Big difference in prices for gasoline of popular brands AI-92 and AI-93 in Kazakhstan and Russia may cause their deficiency, KazTAG reports citing Kazakhstan Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev.

“There is no certainty here yet, but AI-92 and AI-93 gasoline prices are starting to raise. This gasoline is not 100% produced in Kazakhstan, we import it. Currently the difference in prices is significant. Gasoline costs around 99 tenge ($0.68) in Kazakhstan versus 125 tenge ($0.86) in Russian. 25 percent difference is quite substantial. This encourages gasoline outflow from Kazakhstan and not inflow of Russian gasoline. This issue will be discussed in the coming days,” said Sauat Mynbayev.

He noted that AI-80 gasoline and diesel prices is at the level fixed by the Ministry and the Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies, which is 83 tenge ($0.57) per liter of diesel fuel and 80 tenge ($0.55) per liter of AI-80 gasoline.

Earlier Mynbayev said that Kazakhstan will not escape the dependency on Russia in terms of fuel pricing. However, Kazakhstan can stop relying on Russia if the border is closed. “Saying that we can control the prices on our own without looking up to the Russian Federation would be incorrect; we have no such possibility,” said the Minister, adding that “fuel prices in Kazakhstan will be lower than in Russian but they will be coordinated” with Russian prices anyway.

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