Kazakh woman killed her lover in UAE

31 мая 2011, 13:24
Photo courtesy of Tengrinews.kz
Photo courtesy of Tengrinews.kz
Police of the United Arab Emirates charged Kazakhstan entrepreneur with killing her boyfriend, Express K reports. The incident happened in Dubai. According to the police, the woman has already confessed of her crime.

The lover of the 26-year-old woman from Kazakhstan died in November last year at the villa owned by the woman. Initially police considered that it was a suicide. A woman said that on the night of the killing she had a fight with her boyfriend, then the man got quite drunk and stabbed himself with a knife.

But a medical assessor confirmed that the man was stabbed directly in the heart and that it was very unlikely that anyone could do this to himself on his own. Later the woman confessed that on the night of the killing the man tried to beat her and she stabbed him with a knife to defend herself.

The woman has already confirmed her testimony in court. The court has not made a decision yet. The next hearing is scheduled for June 19.

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