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International expedition successfully completed second advancement to K2

16 июля 2011, 15:22
Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev©
Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev©
Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev©
Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev©
Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev©
Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev©
International expedition to K2 has successfully completed the second advancement to Chogori mount. Six alpinists, including two from Kazakhstan, reached the height of 6,400 meters, set the camp and went back to the mountain base for rest, Kazakhstan alpinist Maksut Zhumayev told Tengrinews.kz.

“The task of the second ascent has been fully completed and the camp is set. After the previous ascent, not everyone had a chance to spend a night at 6,400 meters, because there was not enough equipment. Gerlinda Kaltenbrunner and Ralf Dujmovits stayed up there, while Vassiliy Pivtsov and I descended a little lower to spend our acclimatization night there,” Zhumayev said.

According to the alpinist, this time the weather is better. “After the first ascent to this height Vassiliy came back only at 9 p.m. with a flashlight. We made a lot of work: set the camp and brought another 750 meters of ropes that will be used for the ascent to the third camp to be set at 7,100 meters."

The weather allowed alpinists to continue ascending, but the sportsmen decided to save their energy. “We have spent a lot of energy this time. The snow was very deep, that's why we decided not to over-work and to go back to the base camp for rest. All guys in our team are very experienced, but such a difficult ascend is new to them. It is much easier to ascend Everest, for example. It only requires 1 km of ropes to be hung in some spots. Here we have been facing challenges starting from the very first camp and they are not going to end here,” the alpinist added.

The alpinists will stay in the base camp for 2-3 days. After that they will plan for the third trip to Chogori: “We will keep track of the weather forecasts and find a day for the next ascent. Our plan is to set the third camp now.”

Chogori is located in Karakorum mountain system in Kashmir province at the territory of Pakistan. Its height is 8,611 meters.

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