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Information Minister Askar Zhumagaliev shares his vision of e-government

26 июня 2011, 12:17
Minister Zhumagaliev. wikipedia.org
Minister Zhumagaliev. wikipedia.org
Minister of Communications and Information Askar Zhumagaliev shared his vision of the e-government in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. The Minister cited Singapore as an example.

“Singapore is ranked 1st in the world in terms of e-government. For the last twenty years the nation has overcome low penetration of technology, raised technology awareness of public at large (…) As a result, e-government services are widely used by both individuals and legal entities”, Minister Zhumagaliev wrote in his Twitter.

According to him, “in Kazakhstan, E-gov information panels are being introduced in all the brick-and-mortar one-stop-shops for public services. E-gov showrooms are to be introduced at the largest shopping malls. This will help to have a certain percentage of people shifted to getting public services on-line”.

Minister Zhumagaliev emphasized that in Singapore it takes 15 minutes to register a limited partnership, filling out respective forms on-line. “I’ve given instructions to consider introducing the same scheme in Kazakhstan”, he wrote. Besides, a possibility to apply on-line for a national IDcard or a passport will be introduced.

According to Bnews.kz, as of today the e-government portal provides on-line more than 70 public services and from the beginning of the current year more than 3 million receipts and certificates have been issued electronically.

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