Individual income tax proceeds 21.2% up

29 июля 2011, 03:10
Ruslan Dalenov. ©S. Turlubekov
Ruslan Dalenov. ©S. Turlubekov
Individual income tax proceeds to the state budget in the H1 2011 grew 21.2% against the like period of 2010, Vice Finance Minister Ruslan Dalenov wrote in his Twitter account.

“This growth is assigned to growing employment coupled with salary raises”, he elaborated.

According to him, individual income tax proceeds for the period under review made up $949.3 million as compared to $783.5 million for the like period of 2010.

July 22 Vice Finance Minister Ruslan Dalenov had written in his Twitter that for the H1 2011 the state budget revenues paid in the form of export duty on crude made up $1.67 billion.

Starting from January 1, exports duty on crude stands at $ 40 per ton. The previous rate stood at $ 20 per ton. According to Finance Ministry, in 2011 Kazakhstan expects to get KZT 421.4 billion ($ 2.8 billion) from introducing the exports duty.

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