India to discuss energy transit from Central Asia at SCO summit

15 июня 2011, 10:12
Flags of SCO member-states. ©RIA Novosti
Flags of SCO member-states. ©RIA Novosti
India is planning to discuss settlement of the situation in Afghanistan, countering terrorism and transit of freights and energy carriers between Central Asia and India at the coming summit of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in Astana, RIA Novosti reports citing head of Eurasia Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India Ajay Bisariya.

“India respects opportunities and potential of the SCO in the realm of economic development and security, that offers an opportunity to collectively discuss such problems as transit corridor, energy sector, and particularly construction of pipeline to India,” the Foreign Ministry's representative said.

Currently freight transportation between Afghanistan and India through Pakistan is limited because of bad relationship between Islamabad and Delhi. However, Pakistan and Afghanistan are being considered as possible transit countries for gas transportation from Turkmenistan to India.

According to Bisaroya, the coming SCO summit could be a good “platform for discussions, and one of several platforms” for finding ways for settlement of the situation in Afghanistan. The 10th anniversary SCO summit is held in Astana on June 14-15.

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