Imams of Kazakhstan sit for an obligatory test

05 октября 2011, 21:03
For the first time ever imams of South Kazakhstan mosques are sitting for an exam to prove compliance with their ministry standards, KazTAG reports, citing spokesman of the Agency for Religion Seitbek Ismailuly.

“We not only verify their knowledge but also make sure priests are capable of administering religious rites in the right way. It’s one of the main requirements to the ministers”, - he said.

He also explained that 900 out of 2.5 thousand mosques are based in the South Kazakhstan. That's why the assessment started from the South.

So far 160 priests are to take the exam. According to clergy themselves, before taking the test they underwent 40-day trainings. The assessment is carried out in 6 subjects, including the history of Islam, knowledge of the Quran, and public speech skills. If one fails the exam the first time, he has to undergo training once again and be assessed a second time.

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