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Half of Kazakhstan employees ready to work for competitors

23 июня 2011, 12:18
Photo courtesy of magicseo.net
Photo courtesy of magicseo.net
48 percent of polled employees in Kazakhstan would agree to work for competitors, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Head Hunter's survey. The majority would agree for the sake of career growth opportunities, self-development and realization of potential in competing companies.

4,717 people took part in the poll, 60 percent of them were men and 40 percent – women. The researchers decided to find out whether Kazakhstan employees are ready to change their company for its competor. The results showed that 48 percent are positive about this step. 47 percent of these employees are ready to work for competitors if they offer more opportunities, 35 percent would like higher salaries and 8 percent are sure that the competitors have better working conditions. Other reasons include the answers “because I'm not appreciated at my current job”, “the competitors pay salary on time and there is no corruption” and “my relatives don't work there”.

62 percent of men and 48 percent of women confirmed their readiness to work for competitors. The respondents included 76 percent of middle managers and only 24 percent of top managers.

Still, the majority of the respondents, 52 percent, would refuse to work for competitors. The main reasons behind the refusal include personal principles, confidence that such step would negatively affect their reputation, good relationships with current management and personnel. Other reasons include answers “I am motivated at my current job”, “I just love my company”, “We have a good and well-coordinated personnel.”

65 percent of respondents know ffrom personal experience or through their friends what it is like to work for competitors. In 45 percent of cases the management tried to keep the leaving employees and in 27 percent of cases they were simply allowed to leave, while 12 percent called them betrayers.

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