Google is back in Kazakhstan

15 июня 2011, 11:20
Google resumed the work of its search engine in Kazakh domain zone, reports.

Kazakhstan users were able to resume using the services of in the evening of June 14. Now when entering the website, Kazakhstan users are redirected to the service located in the country's domain zone allowing users to get the search results with local specific content.

Earlier English reported that Google decided to redirect users from to on June 8 because of the company's refusal to follow directions of local authorities on moving its to physical servers located within the borders of Kazakhstan. Later it turned out that Google employees of were misinformed about specifics of work in .kz domain zone. As per Nurlan Issin, President of Kazakhstan Association of IT-companies, only domain names registered in .kz zone after September 7, 2010 have to operate from Kazakhstan-based servers.

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