GSM Kazakhstan mobile carrier offers free access to Facebook and Vkontakte

08 августа 2011, 13:58
GSM Kazakhstan mobile carrier, represented by Kcell and Activ trademarks, will offer free-of-charge access to Facebook and VKontakte [Russia’s social networking site], the Company’s Press Service reports.

“From now on the subscribers will enjoy the service across the entire area covered by the GSM Kazakhstan’s network”, the Company’s statement reads.

“We are glad to offer a possibility to stay connected with your relatives, friends and colleagues through Facebook and VKontakte”, the statement quotes Corporate Communications Head Aida Dossayeva.

The mobile free version only allows dealing with texts, whereas dealing with video and audio files is possible on a paid basis.

As of mid-May, the number of Facebook users in Kazakhstan was approaching 288 000. Kazakhstan was ranked 102nd among 213 nations at that time.

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