Export of Kazakhstan’s oil to Belarus impossible without Russia’s consent

23 июля 2011, 17:38
Kazakh oilman sampling oil. ©REUTERS
Kazakh oilman sampling oil. ©REUTERS
Export of Kazakhstan’s oil to Belarus is not possible without Russia’s consent, Russia’s Regnum quoted Belarus Ambassador to Kazakhstan Valery Brylev as saying.

According to Brylev, Kazakhstan’s oil is currently transported to Europe across Belarus, but Belarus only buys some petroleum products. “We purchase only gasoil and residual oil. Not yet crude oil. But we are negotiating over crude oil supply. Without a trilateral agreement with Russia it is not possible”, he said.

When commenting on cooperation within the Customs Union, Brylev said that “the results are still modest”.

At the moment Belarus purchases most of its oil from Russia. Earlier the country bought oil from Venezuela and Azerbaijan. In 2010 media wrote that Belarus might start buying oil from Kazakhstan, relying on Russia’s infrastructure.

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