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Customs control to work 24/7 to clear imported cars at mild rate before July 1

20 июня 2011, 15:25
©Vladimir Dmitriyev
©Vladimir Dmitriyev
Previously-owned cars stuck at the Kazakhstan’s borders to be imported to Kazakhstan will clear customs procedures at mild customs duty rate, "KazTag" reports, citing Finance Minister Bolat Zhamishev.

“The Customs Committee will do everything possible to have all the cars arriving at the Kazakhstan’s border before July 1 cleared at the mild rate currently in effect”, the Minister told journalists today.

“All the cars en route to Kazakhstan (…) will be cleared at the single customs duty rate accepted within the Customs Union from July 1”, he added.

According to the Minister, given the international agreements signed by Kazakhstan with its Customs Union partners, the Government cannot extend the “old” duty rate validity period.

“To make sure all the already arrived cars clear customs control before July 1, customs control stations will be staffed with extra personnel to work round the clock”, the Minister added.

Starting from July 1, 2011 customs duties on foreign vehicles imported to Kazakhstani will be levied in accordance with duty rates accepted in the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus.

For previously-owned vehicles of 5 years old and older, the duty rate will be Euro 4 per cubic centimeter for engines of 1800-3000 cubic centimeters. Consequently, customs duty on an engine of 3000 cubic centimeters will make up Euro 12 000, with VAT standing at 12%.

For cars of 5 years old and older with an engine of over 3000 cubic centimeters, the duty rate will stand at Euro 5.8 per cubic centimeter. Consequently, customs duty on an engine of 4000 cubic centimeters will make up Euro 23 000, with VAT standing at 12%.

Before July 1, customs duties made up Euro 0.35-0.6 per cubic centimeters, depending on the engine.

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