Customs Union to set single requirements to vehicles worthiness

29 июля 2011, 05:04
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The Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus will be setting common requirements to vehicles worthiness, KazTag Agency reports, citing Asset Asavbayev, Vice Head of the Transport Control Committee of the Transport Ministry.

“Car inspection procedures will be the same within the Customs Union”, Asavbayev said.

“There will be common requirements to what units of cars should be checked, frequency of the checks …However, there won’t be any particular order of the checking procedures”, he said.

“There won’t be any regulation of whether the inspections are performed by private or state-run institutions (…) The single requirements will be enforced not earlier than next year. When it comes to freight and passenger transport, international certificates of vehicle worthiness will be issued in Kazakhstan under an agreement signed by 38 nations, including by Russia and Belarus”, he said.

“A freight or passenger vehicle holding such a certificate can carry both freights and passengers to 38 countries”, Mr. Asavbayev informed.

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