Bear and lion cub rescued from snow backlog

28 марта 2011, 20:12
Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
A truck transporting animals from South Kazakhstan to Kostanai city has been rescued from snow in East-Kazakhstan oblast, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports.

The truck got stuck in a snow backlog at the Ayagoz-Kalbatau road. It was transporting a bear and a lion cub. The cub is 1 year 3 month old.

“The bear is used to our weather condition, but the lion cub was already freezing,” said Anastassiya Veber, press service of the Emergency Situations Department of East-Kazakhstan oblast.

The truck had to be fixed so both the truck and the animals were delivered to nearby Kalbatau village. The animals were moved to a warm building. The truck is being repaired.

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