Anti-extremist teams being created in local Interior Ministry’s departments

02 августа 2011, 14:58
A member of special forces in fighting gear. ©REUTERS
A member of special forces in fighting gear. ©REUTERS
All local departments of the Interior Ministry are creating dedicated anti-extremist teams, head of the Transport Interior Ministry Department Major-General Kanat Tuksaitov said in an interview to Megapolis newspaper.

According to the Major General this kind of dedicated team was created in his Department “just recently”. “This team existed there before, but it was part of the anti-organized-crime department. Now this is a dedicated team,” he said adding that the management is being set now.

Tuksaitov believes that these teams should include theologists. “Right now we cannot boast strong theologists, but people who work they know what they are doing. I think that our personnel news to undergo some training,” he said. Besides he needs that not just law enforcement employs, but all the Kazakh citizens need to undergo religious training. “I think that any person, not just policemen, but also doctors, teachers, constructors, businessmen should at least know the basis of religions. Everyone would benefit from, the whole society and the state. Because this would let him pay more attention and understand what his son is doing, what books he is reading and what discs he is watching,” the Major-General explained.

Earlier General Procurator’s Office of Kazakhstan pledged to step up work to fight manifestations of extremist in Kazakhstan.

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