Almaty to see a public rally against Chinese expansion

24 мая 2011, 23:37
Almaty City Council has permitted Azat Social Democratic Party to hold a public rally May 28 against the Chinese expansion in Kazakhstan. KazTag quoted Chairman of the Almaty Office of the Party, Mr. Amirbek Togussov, as announcing the event.

“Yesterday at 4 p.m. we received the answer of Vice Mayor Mr. Seidumanov allowing us to hold the public rally near the Sary-Arka square May 28”, Mr. Togussov of Azat said.

“Today we have started distributing leaflets. Hopefully, we will reach out to most of Almaty residents”, he said.

Secretary General of the Party Mr. Amirzhan Kossanov said that the party “is working to develop the scenario of the public rally”.

“According to the law, the initiating party is responsible for all possible negative outcomes (…) It is not the first time we are conducting such an event (…) We will try to meet all the requirements of the applicable legislation”, Mr. Kossanov said.

The Party is concerned that Chinese companies are permeating into the Kazakh economy. The Party members believe the scope [of the expansion] is taking on a threatening look.

“The fact that for the last two years Kazakhstan’s companies and enterprises have borrowed about $20 billion [from China] is of growing concern. Part of the funds has gone to finance foreign companies that are not quite directly related to Kazakhstan – Kazakhmys and ENRC. Should something happen to these companies, we [the people of Kazakhstan] will have to repay [the loans]”, Mr. Bulat Abilov, co-chairman of the party said.

“We are not against agreements based on equality of rights and mutual benefit. But given the size of the Chinese population and China’s strive to purchase at least more or less precious deposits of natural resources, the relationship poses a threat to Kazakhstan’s strategic interests”, agreed Mr. Zharmakhan Tuyakbai, another co-chairman of the Party.

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