Aktau International Airport tagged the best airport in CIS

26 мая 2011, 16:59
Aktau International Airport. Photo courtesy of www.aktau-airport.kz
Aktau International Airport. Photo courtesy of www.aktau-airport.kz
Aktau International Airport won the contest called Best airport in CIS countries (CIS – Commonwealth of Independent States) in the Promising developing airport category, KazTAG reports citing Aktau International Airport company.

“Our objective is to develop Aktau international airport to the level of the world leading air harbors. That is why the marketing strategy of Aktau airport is focuses on involvement with the most possible number of air companies, development of new routes and rending high-quality services to passengers,” said Director of Aktau International Airport Uzifolla Azhmoldayev.

As per the Director, the works to reconstruct the runway and lighting system to bring them in accordance with international standards will be completed in 2011. “All this will allow to the airport to service all types of aircrafts without limitations,” he said.

Chairman of Aktau International Airport Selcuk Kiledzhi also noted that the further pay raise to the airport's employees will be considered in the nearest time. “Starting from May 25 this year we are planning a 7.8% indexation of wages,” he said. Besides, personnel will be trained in accordance with the world standards.

In 2010 Aktau airport served 585 thousand passengers; cargo turnover made 4,500 tons.

Annual contest Best airport in CIS countries is held by the Airport International Civil Aviation Organization. 21 CIS companies took part in the competition this year.

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