Additional funds allocated for Astana light rail system

11 апреля 2011, 17:20
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Astana will increase its transport expenses, reports. Additional five billion tenge ($34 million) will be allocated for development of the city's light rail system.

The decision was taken on April 10 at the 60th session of the city administration. Besides the money for transport, 220 million tenge ($1.5 million) was set aside for the department of culture to support the city's cultural and entertainment developments.

Astana education department will receive 40 million tenge ($272 thousand) and the employment department will get 84 million tenge ($571 thousand).

Besides, more than two billion tenge ($14 million) will be allocated under Astana construction program.

An updated city budget for 2011 now makes 266.3 billion tenge ($1.78 billion) , which is 120.3 percent more than the previous one.

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