3700 entities operating as franchisees in Kazakhstan

27 июля 2011, 00:19
Photo courtesy of pptbusiness.net
Photo courtesy of pptbusiness.net
Before 2016 the number of foreign brands represented in Kazakhstan by franchisees is set to grow twofold. As of today there are 3700 entities operating as franchisees in Kazakhstan.

“Their share makes up 3.5% of all Kazakhstan-based entrepreneurs. In developed countries this indicator stands at 40-50%. The figure is to reach 35% by 2016”, Vyacheslav Sidelnikov, Head of the National Franchising Operations Development at DAMU state fund to support entrepreneurs, said in an interview for Bnews.kz.

According to him, there are 380 franchising chains in Kazakhstan with a total of 3700 entities.

37 of Kazakhstan’s enterprises position themselves as franchisors. A new franchisor emerges every 3-4 months.

“The number of Kazakhstan’s franchisors is also set to grow. We expect it to increase 3 times before 2016, with 10% of stem seeking to get access to foreign markets”, Mr. Sidelnikov believes.

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